Monday, December 11, 2017

Happy Monday Everyone!

This week we are wrapping up all the standards that were taught this quarter.  We began our writing assessment today and will continue it tomorrow and Wednesday.  In math we are wrapping up Unit 4 on measuring with inches, feet, and yards. We will complete the pre-test together in class next Monday and have our unit test on Tuesday. There will be NO spelling or reading test this week.

We began our Holidays Around the World unit today reading and discussing the holiday traditions we have here in America.  I look forward to hearing about all the countries your children are learning about at home!  As a reminder, girls will make their presentations on Monday and boys will make their presentations on Tuesday.

This is the last week to read and turn in reading logs for the Donut reading challenge.  Please turn in all reading logs by FRIDAY!  Our donut party will be Monday before school.

Have a wonderful week!
Amy Kane

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I am so excited about how excited the students are about his project!  Here is a list of the countries that have already been chosen based on what was turned in this morning:
Czech Republic

If they are still deciding, please help them choose a country other than what is listed above.  Countries are awarded on first come first serve basis! So get your requests in early!

This will be a memorable experience for years to come!

Have a blessed day!
Amy Kane
Happy Monday!

This week we are reading an informational text, Super Storms, and practicing how to determine the main idea of the text and paragraphs by looking at the details.   

Our spelling words this week have wh, th, tch, ch, and sh. Our spelling test will be on Friday.

We read a passage Telephones Then and Now  and will be writing an informative paragraph comparing the two.  We had a great conversation in class about phones today!

We have begun Unit 4 in math which is about measuring using inches, feet, and yards.  We will have the unit test before Christmas break.

The weather will be getting cold again so please make sure your child comes to school with a jacket/coat.  Also, please, please, please put your child's name in their coats!

Next week we will begin our Holidays Around the World Unit!  We will be learning where customs we have here in America came from. We will be studying Germany, England, Sweden, and Mexico.  In conjunction with this unit students have an opportunity to study a country on their own and make a presentation to the class about what they learned. They can also bring in a food or ornament from their country, dress in a native costume, make a diorama, or invite a speaker from their country to speak to the class.The information about this project will come home with your child tomorrow. Students will need to get their country approved by me so that we don't have 10 reports on the same country.  Also students will need to choose a country other than the 4 we will study in class. Although this is an optional project, I hope that everyone will participate. It is so much fun for them to learn about other countries and it is a great experience to get in front of your peers and speak.  Please look for more information  tomorrow!

Have a wonderful week!
Amy Kane

Monday, November 13, 2017

Happy Monday Everyone!

This week we have started our unit on Native American Cultures.  We will be reviewing different reading skills each day.  In language we are learning about adjectives.  Our spelling words this week have the soft c and g sounds.  We will have a spelling test on Friday.  In math we are learning how to take the data from a survey and place it on a graph as well as adding and subtracting within 100.

In your child's take home folder is information about the second grade reading challenge.  To help encourage your child to read, we would like each child to read for 20 minutes per day for 5 days out of the week.  That would be 100 minutes at the end of the week.  This challenge will take place over the next 5 weeks.  If you child participates, they will have read for 500 minutes!!! As a celebration of this accomplishment, we will have a donut party the morning of Monday, December 18th before school.  Parents must sign off on the reading log that students actually did the reading. Happy Reading!

I hope you have a wonderful week!
Amy Kane

Monday, November 6, 2017

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow is the big day!  Everyone needs to wear their green field trip shirts and bring their lunch (except for the four students that signed up to get a sack lunch from the cafeteria).   We will eat lunch before we leave at 10:30.  We will have snack after we return to school.

Friday is Thanksgiving lunch here at ILE.  We will be eating earlier than normal, 11:20, and our we are sitting at table 6 in the gym.  We hope you can join us.

The book fair is this week!  We will go shopping during our library time on Thursday.  You can send in money with your child to shop then.  You can also take your child to the book fair after lunch on Friday.  Only the students with a parent/adult will be going to the book fair after lunch on Friday.  Tuesday afternoon is family night and the book fair will be open from 4:00-6:00.

There will be no spelling words this week.

We will be practicing our reading skills, main idea/details and text features,  using Scholastic News this week.  We are learning about the prefixes dis- and un in language.  In phonics we are practicing the hard and soft c and g sounds.

We continue to practice solving problems using the open number line in math.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Amy Kane

Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Monday Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who came to watch our parade on Friday and help with the party.  It was a huge success thanks to you!

This week we are reading about weather and how it changes the earth from our science books.  We will have a science test on Friday, so the science books will come home on Thursday night to read this chapter for review.

In language we are reviewing reflexive pronouns, irregular verbs, and suffixes -ed and -ing.  We will have an assessment over these skills later this week.

Our phonics lessons this week will focus on the various ways the long a sound is written (ai, at, a_e) and the soft g and c sounds. We will not have a spelling test this week.

We are beginning Unit 3 in math which will introduce strategies for multi-digit addition and subtraction.  We do not teach students how to "borrow and carry" in second grade.  That will come later. This is different from the way you and I learned to add and subtract.  I would encourage you to trust this process.  Your students will be able to add and subtract numbers and truly understand what they are doing.  I am always amazed at what they can do after teaching this unit!

Our next Focus Friday is this week.  We will learn about speaking with good purpose.  The color to wear on Friday is PURPLE.

Lastly, if you would like to donate to the United Way by purchasing a Mega Pass for your student, please fill out the form and send it in tomorrow.  This is totally optional.

I hope you have a wonderful week!
Amy Kane

Monday, October 23, 2017

Happy Monday Everyone!

This week we are reading a folktale How Chipmunk Got His Stripes and learning about lessons/morals we can learn from the story.  Our spelling words are plural nouns that require us to change the ending -y to and -i and add -es.  We are also learning about irregular verbs.

In math we are looking at patterns using twos.  We will consider odd and even numbers in context and provide early exposure to multiplication as repeated addition.

We will have our spelling and reading assessments on Thursday this week due to the extra activities on Friday.

This Friday is our fall parade and party.  The parade will be at 2:00 with the party following.  Students may bring their costumes to school with them on Friday and we will begin changing after lunch.

Please remember to turn in your Art to Remember orders no later than Wednesday this week.

Your child is bringing home their permission form for the field trip on November 7th.  Please return the permission slip and money by Thursday of this week.

Have a wonderful week!
Amy Kane